Nasiol India | how to wash your vehicle after nano coating | Step by Step Process


How to wash your vehicle after Nano coating

The most important part of keeping your ride protected for a long time is knowing how to wash it after Nano coating. Nano coatings aren’t do them once and forget, they need to be regularly maintained. Here’s what you should know about washing a ceramic coated machine.

Regular wash
Just because you’ve got your vehicle coated doesn’t mean you can be careless about washing it. It should be washed at least twice a month to prevent the build-up of contaminants. The metal coating makes the cleaning much easier so you wouldn’t have to work so hard to get the dirt off. So when you begin washing your ride keep this method in mind to avoid scratches:

The two bucket method 
This is a basic technique that keeps you from inflicting scratches on your vehicle by accident. Use one bucket for the washing soap and another one lined with a grit guard and filled with water for rinsing the dirt off the wash pad.

The grit guard does an amazing job trapping the contaminants coming off your wash pad so that they won’t come in contact with the coating surface again while cleaning. If it wasn’t for the grit guard you’d be rubbing a rock against your coated surface and cause a scratch.

Moreover if you have a high quality metal coating like Nasiol Nano ceramic coating there’s no need to wash your ride so hard.

Use a specialized soap for Nano coatings
If you’ve got a coating like Nano-Resin, it’s already doing a lot to clean itself, water beads slide slide off effortlessly and pick up gunk with them. In detailing you should always use a less aggressive solution to preserve the health of your vehicle.

You don’t need a powerful soap if your Nano Coating is already doing half the job. For nano coatings a gentle soap makes more logic as it works with every coating.

Driving habits that help to save fuel and money

Want to know how you can save fuel in easy steps? This article will tell you! The only thing you have to do is change your driving habits a bit. First let me explain the importance of saving fuel. A study suggests that our planet has only 1687.9 Billion gallons of fuel left which is approximately 53 years of fuel left in the world. Although this amount is not accurate it is said that many countries aren’t disclosing the quantity they have. So yes, fuel is surely running out which is leading to an increase in its price. So that’s why we want to help you make the best use of fuel.

1.Speed is the fuel destroyer

Well I am someone who personally loves to speed up a bit every now and then but sudden bursts of speed is not good at all. The force you put on the accelerator makes all the difference. Take 5-6 seconds to accelerate your ride from 0-30 km/h for optimal fuel efficiency. So when you apply force on the accelerator there is a strain on the engine of your machine. This reduces the fuel efficiency by 33% which is quite significant. If you are legend who uses manual gear shift just make sure you use a moderate throttle position and shift between 2000 and 2500 rpm. Driving with joy is the essence here. Speed up only when you have to otherwise enjoy your beautiful ride while saving precious fuel at the same time.

2.Steady and Cruise control

This point is almost similar to the point I made before. If you want to reduce fuel consumption by 20% then sudden dips in speed with gradual accelerations is a good way. Engines work at their best when they have a moderate to high throttle. Get a car with cruise control as it is great for fuel efficiency. This feature maintains a constant speed which keeps fuel consumption in check.

3.Say no to jamming the breaks

When you are driving smoothly without any hiccup you don’t need to jam the breaks. Coasting towards a stop sign or a red light and waiting for civilians to safely pass by is strongly advised. Applying breaks heavily wastes a lot of engine’s energy, consuming more fuel. This not only harms the fuel efficiency but also wears out your tyres saving you a lot of bucks on maintenance.

4.Avoid putting stress on your fuel tank

One of the most important habit to follow is never drive until the fuel tank is empty as it puts a lot of stress on your engine and fuel tank. Keeping the tank half full is also recommended for safety and proper exercise of engine capacity. This helps you to increase the mileage of your ride.

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Keep your vehicle forever shiny with Ceramic car Coating

Aren’t you just in love with your ride when it comes out of the showroom or when it gets serviced? Don’t you just admire that divine sparkle radiating from it, bumper to rear, making its already beautiful exterior more beautiful?

Nobody really cares about the mileage your ride offers but the sheer shine it is giving out! That makes it different from the other machines on the street. A brilliant way to preserve the beauty and shine of your vehicle has been found by the auto-scientists. Check out Nasiol home care products to keep everything in your home beautiful and shiny! Even if your vehicle is out of the showroom for a few months, it won’t have to face criticism from anybody, thanks to nano-technology. Nano ceramic car coating has rocked the markets. Till date it is the best way to preserve your ride’s paint from dirt, dust and minor scratches.

Car ceramic coatings are astonishingly more long lasting than traditional Teflon coatings. Every few weeks there’s a need to lather your vehicle in synthetic wax while ceramic coating keeps on going, sometimes even making you forget when you got it done last time.

Moreover ceramic car coating doesn’t fade or age like Teflon coatings. It acts just like a layer of glass around your ride that not only provides a great shine but also shields it from the most unfavorable climatic conditions. Its UV protection feature defends the paint of your vehicle from the harsh sunrays and pollutants so that the paint doesn’t turn pale.

Want to keep your favorite possessions super clean, shiny and appealing Nasiol home care products are just what you need! Synthetic wax may provide oxidation resistance to some extent but it fails to hoard electrochemical reactions and abominations like rust and corrosion. Ceramic coating is the complete package as it eases the cleaning process of your ride with the help of its hydrophobic formula.

Make your vehicle extra glossy and resistant to undesirable elements with Nano Ceramic car Coating.

Let’s save the world with less effort

If you can save the world and keep your vehicle clean and spotless throughout the year easily then probably you need not read this post. Let’s discuss the whole idea behind Nanotechnology.

Each and every one of us has experienced demanding situations that our lives and people put on us. It takes a lot of time and resources. Social pressures, needs, practicalities, wants play a big role in the choice of your vehicle.

Everyone wants to present himself/herself in the best way possible and also has a different opinion. Sometimes there’s not a much thick line between being a hero and a villain. Between garnering applause and receiving criticism. Even if you bring a narcissistic jerk down, you would have to waste a lot of resources and not caring about the needs of others for your personal lifestyle is really unfair. The cost is big as it takes a lot of toxic detergent and water to keep your vehicle clean and shiny. It has a huge negative impact on the health of the environment. It also wastes your time and resources thereby affecting your motivation in a negative way.

So how can you stop time, money and dirty water from draining you? You better get your superhero cape ready as here’s the win-win situation for you. Less wastage of time and resources and more hydrophobicity. It’s the most sensible, rational and economical choice that will make you a hero in people’s eyes.
Nano ceramic coatings are like superpowers for your ride. They repel grime and dirt by polishing out the imperfections in your glass and paint. Their hydrophobic feature make water run off the surface making your vehicle easy cleaning. It stays shiny for a long period of time and whenever you feel like giving it an extra neatness and shine, just simply wipe it with water to remove all contaminants leaving behind a crystal shine.

One application lasts for more than 3 years. Just think about the number of times you have to wash your ride has reduced and the significant amount of saving you are doing for your planet. What will you plan to do with the time you save? Maybe help an old person across the street or volunteer while pointing towards your shiny vehicle and tell what contribution you are making to protect the world by using your brain more and your bucket less.

13 Reasons Why we Should use Nanocoatings Instead of Waxes?

Hello everyone, here are 13 reasons why nanotechnology is way more superior than waxes. It’s a long list but still can be followed by a lot more reasons.


It all started with the invisible nanocrystal particles and their toughness when joined with the related substrates. Beyond the transparency feature they had great strength and shine on the surface and not being detrimental to the paint when compared to the damage wax causes.

First Date

Once the effects are realized visually a need for chemical determination arises. The research initiates and laboratories get excited with all equipment. The formulation is then repeated again followed by observations. A lot of improvements were still needed on the methodology and pathway to catch the rising trend in nanotechnology.

First Baby Steps

As more and more days pass, the main features were put into practical use and observations were classified. The first of the effective output obtained from the shiny appearance made eyes go blind. Crystallization was near perfect and smoothness was creating dreams with immense confidence on the surface. Waxes were left way behind the class of high tech nano solutions.

Logical Explanation

All the eyes were curious with just one question in mind, how is this possible? The bonding with the painted surface of the vehicle was on the molecular level with the help of a covalent bond. Suddenly the electrons were flashing by locking horns with the almighty sun itself. This is the effectiveness where nano coatings outclass waxes completely.

Beading waters

As the trials move forward, another great feature of nanotechnology reveals itself, and this feature is superhydrophobicity which makes surfaces dirt proof. Once the molecules of water are spilled through the bodies, they aren’t able to merge into the body. They just stay as beadings. In this way, the dirt particles on the painted surface are kept inside those bubbles and are never allowed to remove permanent water marks by staying down. This was amazing at first and everyone got used to it with time.

Keep coins on the bank

The dust particles weren’t able to find any place to penetrate the top surface, thanks to the nano shield innovation. After sometime the drawbacks are realized for the conservation of time and energy. Now people don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy cleaning their rides because of the dirt repellency feature of the surface. Great cleaning with less water was saving a lot of precious time and money.

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Catching the Dreams All in One Breath

How can we make our dreams come true? It has taken years of hard work and determination for man to come up with amazing solutions to the most challenging problems. Inspired by our vision and also by harnessing the limitless power of science and technology we’ve manifested a dream. A dream which we are extremely proud of sharing.

Now picture this! You are filling an indestructible blender with a handful of glittering diamonds, then you take some sunscreen and squirt it in. Finally you put on the lid and press the start button. Can you imagine what will come out of the blender? A strong and brilliant diamond coating. You are proud of your invention (you don’t have to worry about the price of a blender full of diamonds until you wake up). This is an amazing dream. You realize that the paint repels water as the droplets roll away taking dirt with them making the surface a self-cleaning one.

Suddenly you wake up and are super excited with the discovery knowing that the diamonds are expensive and indestructible blenders haven’t been invented yet. Considering it impossible you just dismiss it as you enjoy your morning coffee. Indestructible blenders might not be existing but coating with qualities like durability, hardness, UV protection and water repellency that was just a dream is now a reality. After years of research and thousands of tests we have created something really extraordinary. We call it Nano Layer 272 better known as NL272.

NL272 is the most advanced ceramic coating formulation. What makes it so special is its performance and strength in all areas. This leading edge innovation is redefining the limitations of nano ceramic paint protection.
It is a tough protective skin your vehicle needs to stay elegant even in the most challenging environments. Even the factory paint can’t match the 9H hardness scratch resistance. It offers high gloss, chemical resistance, UV protection, easy cleaning and water repellency. As mentioned before it is excellent in all areas of protection and just one application of this offers protection for up to 5 years. You will save a tremendous amount of time and energy as your ride now tough like a superhero just laughs at other vehicles looking ugly and worn out.

NL272 is not only an amazing product but also quick and easy to apply. First just make sure that the surface is clean, then apply the solution and immediately buff, that’s all! Now the surface of your ride, wheels, headlights, black plastic trim and tail lights are protected with a super tough and super durable protective shield against the harmful elements.

Now you don’t have to dream about how easy and amazing it would be if you could protect your vehicle with a self-cleaning diamond paint. We have made this dream a fantastic reality.

NL272 is the tough protective skin your vehicle needs to keep looking good in the toughest of environments. 9H hardness scratch resistance (factory paint is nowhere near this hard), high gloss, UV protection, chemical resistance, water repellency and easy cleaning. It excels in all areas of protection and one application of a nanoscale thick layer protects for up to 5 years. You’ll save hours of cleaning – and tutting over scratches – as your car, now superhero tough just laughs off the insults that leave other cars looking dull and worn down.

The solution is not only an amazingly capable product it’s also quick and easy to apply, just make sure the surface is clean, apply and immediately buff. That’s it. Now your bodywork, wheels, black plastic trim -including under-bonnet, headlights, and tail lights have a super-tough, super long lasting protective shield against the elements.

Don’t dream about how much easier and better it would be if you could paint your car with self-cleaning diamond paint. We have made that incredible protection reality.

13 Reasons Why Nano Coatings Took the Place of Waxes by Time?

…Here’s the rest of the tale

Tape 7 – Can we lead a good life without keeping goods original?
People always think about the adaptations on painted bodies but no one has thought about the durability of nano sealants on various substrates like metallic alloys, glasses, plastic, textiles, wood, thermosets, stone etc. or any other surface available on planet earth.

Tape8 – Could there be applied any “Retailization”?

Packages. Bottlings, clothes, triggers, pads etc. are utilized well but not enough to cover the entire market. So the need for additional bulk treatment arises automatically but this time not for end users. With infinite number of great solutions the smart surface technologies have jumped into a lot of areas of distribution to change people’s lives.

Tape9 – You just name it!

Innovations first started keeping the primary needs of public in mind. In ancient history of human beings roof tiles was a major problem. People started to live in tiled buildings and thus faced a lot of problems due to water leakage and harsh weather conditions. This problem gave way to high tech water proof coatings for mineral and stone bodies.


Tape10 – Sky is the limit!

Generations haven’t ended, of course there have been a lot of reformations from time to time. Presently Nanotechnology has a really loud voice in the field, louder than any other surface protection solution or waxes. Nanotechnology is catalyzed in the metallic alloys against containers, metallic painted bodies, rust/salt corrosion, graffiti damages on walls in public areas, walls, trains, suburbs etc.
Tape 11 – The target projects

Tape11 – The target projects

Nowadays if anyone considers making a determination, the vital projects like anti-bacterials, self-healing, solar system utilization etc. come out in order to make the world a better place for future generations. The recovery of bodies takes place through self-healing with the help of aspects like reformation, flexibility, durability and longevity. New horizons are being opened in people’s life by anti-bacterials and the environment is much more hygienic. Once you coat the area with nano coating the pathogenic environment can no more threaten human health. It is very useful in hospitals, public areas, daily usage devices, shopping malls etc.

Tape12 – One door closes, another opens

Throughout the whole history a lot of manufacturers have invested in a similar variety of nanotechnology but only one or two of them have been able to bring them under one roof. The technological advancements haven’t been made in others sectors only but also in the complimentary additions of Nasiol.
End of line! Nano coatings have left waxes really far behind. Dreams do come true and nanotechnology provides a better life for present and future generations. Just make sure to keep track of all the innovations in this field in both academic and practical aspects. For God everyone is equal and deserves to live happily and prosperously. and again time-saving.

Tape13 – One End is The Beginning of Another

Throughout the history, several manufacturers invested in a similar variety of nano-science but one or two of them are tended to pick them up under one roof. The technological improvements not only observed in the entire world but also with the complementary additions of Nasiol all at once.


End of the story!! Nanos passes waxes hundred miles away in the green mile. Dreams come true and nanotechnology provides a better life for today’s and future generations. Keep following the innovations in the field both in academical and practical respects. Both sides are demanding a huge importance in terms of daily life reductions and humanization. Like is equal and everyone deserves to live happily ever after…

Artekya Offers Private Label Opportunities

Artekya, the owner of Nasiol nano coating materials is offering private label opportunities to brands all over the world.
You can start the process by checking out the private label catalog. Just select the products that you want to sell and then move forward by selecting the bottle type. This is followed by the selection of an appropriate trigger, lid or spray type. Then in order to design your label, the auxiliary equipment must be chosen. Finally choose the type and dimension of the box.
Artekya prepares your orders and keeps the name of the customer a top secret.
Doesn’t matter you are a small or a large scale brand, Artekya treats all private label customers in the same way.

Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-on is now in stores!

Let the clouds pour water as much as they want to, drive fearlessly and with pride wherever you go.
Nasiol labortaries have given birth to a new product named GlasShield Wipe-on.
It is specially designed for windscreen and glass parts of your ride. The wind screen can be cleaned and coated with just one packet of GlasShield Wipe-on.
It is a nano product that repels water really effectively thereby providing clear vision to the driverin harsh weather conditions. The applied glass also has easy clean effect along with chemical resistance.
It has a really easy application. First just clean the windscreen and apply the first wipe. Then open the second wipe and apply on the windscreen until it gets dry. That’s all.
The packet contains two wipes which are designed for perfection. While applying just assume that the windscreen is divided into two parts and apply one packet on one part. You can observe the glass getting brighter as you are enjoying the application.
GlasShield Wipe-on is a great solution for water repellency and here are some quick tips to maximize its effect:
1. Do not apply wipe-on under the sun.
2. Avoid applying if the surface is hot.
3. Surface should be left to dry in shade after application.
We are not done yet! When you feel that the effect is lost after some time, just open another packet and apply it just like you did before. You don’t have to wait in long queues in auto care services anymore.
So let it rain as Nasiol GlasShield is there to protect your beauty.