13 Reasons Why we Should use Nanocoatings Instead of Waxes?

Hello everyone, here are 13 reasons why nanotechnology is way more superior than waxes. It’s a long list but still can be followed by a lot more reasons.


It all started with the invisible nanocrystal particles and their toughness when joined with the related substrates. Beyond the transparency feature they had great strength and shine on the surface and not being detrimental to the paint when compared to the damage wax causes.

First Date

Once the effects are realized visually a need for chemical determination arises. The research initiates and laboratories get excited with all equipment. The formulation is then repeated again followed by observations. A lot of improvements were still needed on the methodology and pathway to catch the rising trend in nanotechnology.

First Baby Steps

As more and more days pass, the main features were put into practical use and observations were classified. The first of the effective output obtained from the shiny appearance made eyes go blind. Crystallization was near perfect and smoothness was creating dreams with immense confidence on the surface. Waxes were left way behind the class of high tech nano solutions.

Logical Explanation

All the eyes were curious with just one question in mind, how is this possible? The bonding with the painted surface of the vehicle was on the molecular level with the help of a covalent bond. Suddenly the electrons were flashing by locking horns with the almighty sun itself. This is the effectiveness where nano coatings outclass waxes completely.

Beading waters

As the trials move forward, another great feature of nanotechnology reveals itself, and this feature is superhydrophobicity which makes surfaces dirt proof. Once the molecules of water are spilled through the bodies, they aren’t able to merge into the body. They just stay as beadings. In this way, the dirt particles on the painted surface are kept inside those bubbles and are never allowed to remove permanent water marks by staying down. This was amazing at first and everyone got used to it with time.

Keep coins on the bank

The dust particles weren’t able to find any place to penetrate the top surface, thanks to the nano shield innovation. After sometime the drawbacks are realized for the conservation of time and energy. Now people don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy cleaning their rides because of the dirt repellency feature of the surface. Great cleaning with less water was saving a lot of precious time and money.

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