Anti-GRM Antigrafiti nano clear coat for metal, painted and hard surfaces

  • Anti GRM is the last enhanced non-sacrifical formula of antigrafitti coatings and specially developed for metal and painted surfaces as well as can be applied on other hard surfaces like glass and plastic.
  • The coating bonds to surface chemically with an ultra thine layer of approximately 500 nm which makes it hard to remove from surface and peeling of coating can not occur like conventional antigrafitti products Product is specialized on paint and metal surfaces to obtain maximum longevity, cleaning efficiency and product consumption.
  • REACH cerfitified and low VOC formula apply to all environmental and health regulations on world. • Apart from its ultimate antigraffiti benefits, it protects surface from stain, debris, harsh conditions and increase longevity of applied surface.
  • It is transparent and thanks to its technology that one component and one coat product can stand durable up to 3 years.
  • Thanks to the specialized formula for metal, painted and hard surfaces so that product consumption is very low that yields to cost efficiency and environmental.
  • A simple stage pressure washing or wipe down with a microfibre cloth will be enough to remove all grafitti from surface. Cutting edge technology enables less and extremely easy cleaning times when compared to conventional products.

Application is Easy and Effective Clean the surface and be sure that there is no any dirt, detergent and water residue. Spray with an airless spray and buff with microfibre cloth or mop for hard to reach areas. Clean the airless sprayer with White spirit after usage or if you will not use sprayer more than 15 minutes. Allow the Anti-GRM to cure for at least 12 hours sheltering from dirt and water.

Product Data Sheet