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Nasiol Metalcoat F2: Nano Ceramic Coating Spray

Quick Nano Paint Protection for Vehicles (Available in 50ml)
Nasiol MetalCoat protects your vehicle’s body shell from environmental damages.

>>>  Your car will always look as if it rolled out fresh from the car wash.
>>> No slaving away buffing at scratches and spots.
>>> You reclaim your time for joyrides instead–because you’re proud of your handsome boat/car.
>>> Best of all, save money from professionally-applied ‘coatings’ that are inferior and ineffective.

MetalCoat creates a nano coating that filters UV and protects the body shell from acid rains and bird droppings, residue from water run-offs, fading from the sun, etc. It gives a deep shine to applied surfaces. MetalCoat is applied by simple spraying, polishing with a microfibre cloth, and a 24hr curing procedure.

How to Apply Nasiol MetalCoat Nano Coating Spray for Cars?
  • The surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil, water or etc.
  • The application should be made in a shaded area.
  • The surface should be sprayed around 20-30 times for one square meter.
  • The surface should be buffed immediately with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Curing time is 24 h.
Application of Nasiol Metalcoat F2 Car Paint Protection Spray
Nasiol Metalcoat F2 Auto Nano Coating Spray Specifications
Volume 50 ml
Application surface type Automotive paint, plastic, metal
Durability 1 year / 50 washings: Normal conditions
-20°C to +35°C, pH<12 detergent
6 months / 30 washings: Heavy conditions
-40°C to +40°C, pH>12 detergents
Consumption 5-8 ml/m2
Coating thickness 200-300 nm
Water repellency
Oil repellency
Temperature durability 275°C
Chemical resistance 12>pH>1
Shelf life 1 year without opening the bottle,
1 w after opening the bottle
Keeping conditions -3°C to +30°C
Curing period 24 h
Box includes 20 pieces


Nasiol MetalCoat F2 is a paint protection product applied to the car body. It offers ease of application thanks to its spray form. It provides the treated surface with water and oil repellency and allows for the easy cleaning of difficult stains such as bird droppings. It protects the color of the car paint by providing UV protection. It has 7H scratch resistance. Its durability is up to 1 year.

Nasiol MetalCoat F2 cannot be applied over films and coatings such as PPF. The product can be applied to the surfaces listed below:

  • Car rims and headlights
  • Plastic cockpit parts
  • Under-hood metal parts
  • All other shiny metal and plastic surfaces
  • Plasti-Dips
  • Freshly painted components (Up to 3 months)
  • Low-quality paintwork
  • Glass surfaces
  • Rubbers (tire, seal etc.)
  • Textiles/fabrics

To apply the product correctly, please read the instruction manual carefully and watch the application video.

Nasiol MetalCoat F2 and ZR53 are both developed for paint protection for cars, yachts, etc. Nasiol MetalCoat F2 is a less durable product than ZR53; its longevity is up to 1 year and it has no scratch resistance effect whilst ZR53 offers up to 3 years of protection. While ZR53 offers 9H hardness, Nasiol MetalCoat F2 offers 7H. The water and oil repellency values between the two products also differ. On the other hand, Nasiol MetalCoat F2 is a more budget-friendly product that is extremely easy to apply for paint protection. It can also be applied as a refresher about 6 – 12 months after a vehicle has been treated with ZR53.

Nasiol MetalCoat F2 can be used on new or used vehicle surfaces so long as the necessary pre-application preparations are made. In the instructions of use, it is stated that the product should not be applied to freshly painted surfaces. The reason behind this advice is the fact that the product bonds with well-dried paint much more effectively. For optimum performance, it is advised to apply Nasiol MetalCoat F2 about 3-4 months after the latest paint application.

If the product is applied incorrectly without taking the instructions into account, it can only be removed from the surface using cutting compounds or sanding.

Once you have applied Nasiol MetalCoat F2 correctly, there is no need to apply extra layers. As the vehicle surface will already be covered by Nasiol MetalCoat F2, there will not be an appropriate surface for a second layer to bond to.

An unopened bottle of Nasiol MetalCoat F2 can safely be stored for 12 months under the recommended storage conditions. Once the product has been opened and partly used, the bottle should be kept shut tightly and the remaining product should be used within 1 week. For the ideal storage, the ambient temperature should be between -3°C and +30°C.

You can obtain detailed information about the product through our official online store, or by reaching us via email or phone.

You can benefit from our private labeling model for the unbranded Nasiol MF2, creating your own brand by choosing from the many options we offer you in the catalog we have prepared for this purpose.



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