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Return Policy

As per the return policy, once a product is delivered it can only be returned if damaged, defective or is not as shown on the website.
If the product falls in any of the above category, you can request for replacement within the prescribed return time. In some rare or special case, complete refund will be provided once the defective product is received by the seller.

Return Process:

In case there is any problem concerning the product, our team shall coordinate in verifying and resolving any issue related to it. You will shortly receive a call and an email from our product return verification assistant. If the problem still remains unresolved, the seller shall then replace the product.

However, if the product is out of stock the seller shall completely refund the product amount paid.
If the item needs to be picked up from a different location, ensure that the pick-up service is available for that particular address.

Before pick-up, our team would check for the given things:

  • The product is correct or not as far as the brand name, bar code, image and MRP is concerned. Moreover, everything should be properly visible.

  • The product should be complete with all the freebies and combos if any.

  • There should not be any tampering with the warranty or quality check seals.

  • The product should not be damaged or torn with any dents or hole.

  • The original packaging of the product should remain the same.

Note: Only under the above conditions, the product shall be entitled for any exchange.