Nasiol XR03 has a super formula to shield the car paint from scratches and defend it against acid rain, bird droppings, road salt, and damaging sun rays. It rejuvenates the original color of the surface and ensures the vehicle has an attractive look.

Nasiol XR03 coated surfaces achieve to a high hydrophobic surface and enables you to clean your car easily and with less time and energy.

Why XR03?
  • No special equipment required, everything is included in box content.
  • Up to 18-months of advanced durability.
  • Super gloss effect with high water repellency.
  • High scale resistance against destructive chemicals.
  • Recommended for professional detailers.
Application Surfaces

NASIOL XR03 is applicable to paint work of cars and transport vehicles, headlights, taillights, rims, black plastic and trim surfaces. Do not apply this product to unlacquered plastic parts, fresh paint jobs (up to 3 months), low-quality paint jobs, glass, textile, tires, and absorbent parts.


Ensure that temperature and relative humidity (RH) values (+5˚C ~ + 30˚C / 41 ˚F ~ 86 ˚F / 50% RH) of application space are as close as possible to suggested conditions to achieve maximum product performance. Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces. Wash your vehicle thoroughly.

If required, apply clay bar. After decontamination, apply polishing / compounding via using appropriate tools and silicone / waxfree cutting compounds with respect to the physical condition of your vehicle’s surface. When polishing is complete, wash the car and ensure that all the application areas are totally dry before using the product.

Prepare the surface by using Nasiol Clean to remove any residual contamination and dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth prior to the use of the product.

Before using the product, wear the protective nitrile gloves included in the box. Place the suede cloth onto applicator block’s sponge surface proportionally. Shake product gently before use. Do not work on areas largerthan 1 m²/10 ft² at once.

Open the lid and pour essential amount of product onto the suede cloth. 5-8 mL is enough for 1 m²/10 ft² area. Do not forget to close the lid during the application. Dispose or replace suede after use on 3-4 panel sections.

Spread the product gently over the surface with a criss-cross motion. Once beading occurs (it takes 30 seconds in normal conditions) wipe the excessive amount of the product off the surface gently using the Nasiol Microfiber Cloth in linear motions.

After wiping the surface, complete final buffing gently with using Nasiol Microfiber Cloth in circular motions for each section. Keep the coated surface away from direct sunlight, dust, water and contamination during 24 hours curing period.

XR03 Specifications
Volume 50mL
Application surface type Car and motorcycle paint
Durability 1.5 years / 75 washes: Normal conditions -20°C +35°C, pH<12 detergent 6 months / 25 washes: Heavy conditions -40°C +40°C, pH>12 detergent
Temperature durability 275°C
Chemical resistance 12>pH>1
Consumption 4-5 ml/m2
Scratch resistance
Water repellency
Oil repellency
Hologram reducing
UV resistance
Shelf life 2 years when unopened 1 week after opening
Storage conditions -3°C to +30°C
Curing period 12h pre, 24h totally

UV Protection


High Chemical Resistance


High Hydrophobic


Easy Clean


Nasiol nano ceramic coatings extend the life of car’s paintwork or paint protection films (PPF), provide protection against scratches and remove the most stubborn stains such as bird poop etching from the car easily thanks to its water and oil repellent characteristic. Besides, they preserve your car’s body against adverse effects of sunlight, acid rains and chemicals.

Nasiol XR03 is a paint protection product which is applied to exterior surfaces of air and road vehicles. Also known as nano ceramic coating, this product makes the surface resistant against scratches and remove tenacious stains such as bird poop easily as it is water and oil repellent. And it protects the vehicle’s paintwork by providing UV protection. It protects your vehicle for 1.5 years, making it appear just like the first day.

It may be applied to the body, headlights/tail lights, wheel rims and chrome parts of the car.

It provides resistance up to 1.5 years.

An application of single coat is sufficient for durability. Approximate consumption is given below by class of the passenger cars:

Small Car: 30-35 mL (classes A-B)
Standard Car: 35-40 mL (classes C-D)
Big Car: 40-50 mL (classes E-SUV)

To get the best performance from the product, make sure the temperature and relative humidity (RH) values of the application surface are close as possible to the recommended conditions (+5°C / + 30°C/ 41 F / 86 ‘F – 50% RH). Avoid direct sunlight during application and work on cool surfaces only. Wash your car thoroughly. Apply clay bar, if required. After cleaning, apply polishing paste for removing scratches depending on physical condition of your car’s surface. Upon completion of the polishing process and before use of XR03, wash your car and make sure all application areas are completely dry. Treat the surface with Nasiol Clean prior to using the product and wipe it dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Before using the product, wear the protective nitrile gloves that come with the product. Put the suede cloth on the sponge side of the application apparatus. Gently shake the bottle before use. Open the lid and pour sufficient amount of product on the suede cloth. 5-8 mL would suffice for an area of 1m2. After you use the suede cloth on 3-4 panels, dispose of or replace the suede cloth. Do not work on an area larger than 1m2 at a time. Gently spread the product over the surface by smooth movements. When flashing occurs (up to 1 minute under normal conditions), gently wipe the excess Nasiol microfiber cloth off the surface with linear movements. After wiping the surface, complete the final polishing process again by using Nasiol microfiber cloth with circular movements. Keep the coated surface away from direct sunlight, dust, water, dirt and chemicals for a curing period of 24 hours.

Before application, make sure the vehicle is clean and dry. Perform the application in a shady place.

In case of newly painted surfaces, the product should not be used within 3 months after the painting. The reason is that the product has much better performance to adhere to the completely dry paint is much higher. When the paint is not dry completely, the surface loses its full resolute (stable) character for adhesion of our coating products.

Scratch resistance
Water and oil repellence
UV protection
Chemical resistance
Protection against exterior effects
Easy to clean

When applied wrongly without giving due attention to the application instructions, the product can be removed from the surface only by polishing or sanding process.

Our prices vary depending on retail and wholesale. You may contact with us at our e-mail address of phone numbers to get information about our retail and wholesale prices. And you may also visit our online store at or online shopping websites for information about retail price.

We have toxicity certificates and MSDS documents evidencing that our products are not harmful to human health and environment. You may contact with our sales team and review these documents.

It is recommended to have it performed by professionals. But you also may apply it by reading the instructions on application.

Nasiol XR03 is applied in single coat and there is no need to apply a second coat.

No, it is not applied on Paint Protection Film (PPF).

If you did not use the product completely after its bottle is opened, you may store it for 1 week by making sure it is tightly closed. If the bottle is not opened at all, it may be stored for 2 years under appropriate storage conditions.

Nasiol NL272, Nasiol ZR53, Nasiol NeoCoatX and Nasiol XR03 are paint protection products for vehicles such as cars and yachts. While Nasiol XR03 provides durability up to 1.5 years, Nasiol NL272 provides up to 5 years, Nasiol ZR53 up to 3 years and Nasiol NeoCoatX up to 6 months (one coat). Scratch resistance of the products varies.

Both Nasiol MetalCoat F2 and Nasiol XR03 are paint protection products for vehicles such as cars and yachts. Nasiol XR03 is a more professional and top level products. While MetalCoat F2 is applied by spraying, Nasiol XR03 is applied by spreading.  XR03 provides durability up to 1.5 years and MetalCoat F2 up to 1 year. MetalCoat F2 may also be used as care product for coating ceramic (as refresher).

Nasiol has not an official application centre yet. As we only supply the product and the application method of the product is essential for getting the desired durability and effect, such warranty or certificate can be given by an organization that applies it.

You may take advantage of our box-free trademark offer for Nasiol XR03 and you may make selections from the catalogue we have to this end and thus create your own trademark.

Nasiol XR03 is for plastic, metal and painted metal surfaces. It should not be applied to other surfaces.

Our Nano coatings contain nano-sized silicon dioxide and other chemical particles.

You are recommended to use gloves during application. If it contacts with your skin inadvertently, wash it immediately with plenty of water and soap. After it contacts with your skin, remove all your contaminated clothes immediately and wash them immediately with plenty of water. If sensitization persists on, consult medical aid.

Most of the Nasiol products are solvent-based and they, therefore, smell in liquid form. They are odour-free when and cured on the surface.

Nasiol XR03 provides protection against little scratches and dents caused by key and pebble etc.

After you apply Nasiol XR03 in one coat properly, there is no need for an extra. As there is one coat of coating on the car and Nasiol XR03 will have now no extra surface to have access and bind, it would be senseless to apply a second coat.

Box contains Nasiol XR03 Glass Bottle (50 mL), Nasiol Application Apparatus, Nasiol Suede Cloth x5, Nasiol Microfiber Cloth (Light Gray) x1, Nasiol Gloves (Black), Nasiol Glass Sticker, User Instructions (as printed on the box).

There are 10 products in one cartoon of Nasiol XR03.

Yes. You may take advantage of our special trademark offer for Nasiol XR03; you may make selections from the catalogue we have to this end and thus create your own trademark.

You should allow it for 24 hours for get full performance out of the product.



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