Catching the Dreams All in One Breath

How can we make our dreams come true? It has taken years of hard work and determination for man to come up with amazing solutions to the most challenging problems. Inspired by our vision and also by harnessing the limitless power of science and technology we’ve manifested a dream. A dream which we are extremely proud of sharing.

Now picture this! You are filling an indestructible blender with a handful of glittering diamonds, then you take some sunscreen and squirt it in. Finally you put on the lid and press the start button. Can you imagine what will come out of the blender? A strong and brilliant diamond coating. You are proud of your invention (you don’t have to worry about the price of a blender full of diamonds until you wake up). This is an amazing dream. You realize that the paint repels water as the droplets roll away taking dirt with them making the surface a self-cleaning one.

Suddenly you wake up and are super excited with the discovery knowing that the diamonds are expensive and indestructible blenders haven’t been invented yet. Considering it impossible you just dismiss it as you enjoy your morning coffee. Indestructible blenders might not be existing but coating with qualities like durability, hardness, UV protection and water repellency that was just a dream is now a reality. After years of research and thousands of tests we have created something really extraordinary. We call it Nano Layer 272 better known as NL272.

NL272 is the most advanced ceramic coating formulation. What makes it so special is its performance and strength in all areas. This leading edge innovation is redefining the limitations of nano ceramic paint protection.
It is a tough protective skin your vehicle needs to stay elegant even in the most challenging environments. Even the factory paint can’t match the 9H hardness scratch resistance. It offers high gloss, chemical resistance, UV protection, easy cleaning and water repellency. As mentioned before it is excellent in all areas of protection and just one application of this offers protection for up to 5 years. You will save a tremendous amount of time and energy as your ride now tough like a superhero just laughs at other vehicles looking ugly and worn out.

NL272 is not only an amazing product but also quick and easy to apply. First just make sure that the surface is clean, then apply the solution and immediately buff, that’s all! Now the surface of your ride, wheels, headlights, black plastic trim and tail lights are protected with a super tough and super durable protective shield against the harmful elements.

Now you don’t have to dream about how easy and amazing it would be if you could protect your vehicle with a self-cleaning diamond paint. We have made this dream a fantastic reality.

NL272 is the tough protective skin your vehicle needs to keep looking good in the toughest of environments. 9H hardness scratch resistance (factory paint is nowhere near this hard), high gloss, UV protection, chemical resistance, water repellency and easy cleaning. It excels in all areas of protection and one application of a nanoscale thick layer protects for up to 5 years. You’ll save hours of cleaning – and tutting over scratches – as your car, now superhero tough just laughs off the insults that leave other cars looking dull and worn down.

The solution is not only an amazingly capable product it’s also quick and easy to apply, just make sure the surface is clean, apply and immediately buff. That’s it. Now your bodywork, wheels, black plastic trim -including under-bonnet, headlights, and tail lights have a super-tough, super long lasting protective shield against the elements.

Don’t dream about how much easier and better it would be if you could paint your car with self-cleaning diamond paint. We have made that incredible protection reality.

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