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Nasiol Metalshine, Marine Metal Surface Nano Protection

Nasiol Metalshine, Marine Metal Surface Nano Protection
Nasiol Metalshine, Marine Metal Surface Nano Protection
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Don't resign yourself to the strength of sun and sea against your boat. You don't have to count the days and years until you begin to see the inevitable effects of nature on your yacht's metal surfaces. And then what? Replacement of parts? No need! 
Nasiol MetalShine gives superior and long-lasting nano protection against corrosion and salt water damage for the metal parts of your boat and yacht. 
Metalshine protects your marine metal parts from UV rays, salt water and stains, giving an easy clean effect with a deep shine. Everything will gleam like brand-new. And everything that could potentially damage your metalwork just slides off--by themselves or with an effortless wiping.  

  • Salt Water Resistance
  • Easy Clean
  • Crystal Gloss
  • High Hydrophobic
Volume 50 ml
Application surface type Marine vehicle metal components
Durability 1 year
Consumption 5 ml/m2
Coating thickness 200-300 nm
Water repellency Yes
Oil repellency Yes
Temperature durability 275°C
Chemical resistance 12>pH>1
Shelf life 1 year when unopened, 1 w after opening
Storage conditions -3°C to +30°C
Curing period 24 h
  • Apply in a shaded area.
  • Surface should be clean and dry, free of any dust, wax, dirt, grease, grime, etc.
  • Spray 60 times for every square meter.
  • Buff immediately with dry micro fiber cloth.
  • MetalShine 50 ml

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