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Brand: Nasiol India
Product Code: NSMT023
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NASIOL MARINETEX Marine fabric nano protection

NASIOL Marinetex marine fabric nano protection

>>> Beat expectations and don't be restricted in your choices because of resignation to damage.

>>> Go ahead and buy bright prints and dyes, and even delicate thread counts for your cabin. Protect them with MarineTex. 

Protect your marine upholsteries with this effective and long-lasting formula. 

Many boats have uncomfortable and inferior plastic and synthetic fabric blends designed to be tough for boating conditions. Sun and sea is a harsh combination against fabrics. But you don't have to bear with tough and rough fabrics any more. Upholster for comfort! MarineTex protects the fabric parts of your boat – seats, ropes, tents-- from water and stain, preserving their color and extending their lifetime. 

APPLICATION: Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil or wetness. Apply in a well-ventilated area. Sprayed 80-100 times on every square meter until slightly wet.

Curing time is 24 hrs. 

Volume: 500 ml