Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-on is now in stores!

Let the clouds pour water as much as they want to, drive fearlessly and with pride wherever you go.
Nasiol labortaries have given birth to a new product named GlasShield Wipe-on.
It is specially designed for windscreen and glass parts of your ride. The wind screen can be cleaned and coated with just one packet of GlasShield Wipe-on.
It is a nano product that repels water really effectively thereby providing clear vision to the driverin harsh weather conditions. The applied glass also has easy clean effect along with chemical resistance.
It has a really easy application. First just clean the windscreen and apply the first wipe. Then open the second wipe and apply on the windscreen until it gets dry. That’s all.
The packet contains two wipes which are designed for perfection. While applying just assume that the windscreen is divided into two parts and apply one packet on one part. You can observe the glass getting brighter as you are enjoying the application.
GlasShield Wipe-on is a great solution for water repellency and here are some quick tips to maximize its effect:
1. Do not apply wipe-on under the sun.
2. Avoid applying if the surface is hot.
3. Surface should be left to dry in shade after application.
We are not done yet! When you feel that the effect is lost after some time, just open another packet and apply it just like you did before. You don’t have to wait in long queues in auto care services anymore.
So let it rain as Nasiol GlasShield is there to protect your beauty.

Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-on is now in stores!
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