Cleanion Pro is a remarkable car wash detergent formulated to wipe out stubborn dirt and stains without hassle.

Hard abrasive chemicals along with firm brushes might sound like a good idea to remove stains and dirt from the body of your vehicle; however, you are doing more harm than good. Harsh chemicals used in detergents and hard bristles on brushes can cause scratches along with damage to the paint of your vehicle. Using a balanced, concentrated formula like Cleanion Pro, will not only effectively remove dust, mud, and bird droppings from the surface, but it will do so without damaging the paint or the coating.


  • Concentrated formula clears away stains, such as dirt, mud, salt remnants, water spots, and bird droppings from the surface of a vehicle.
  • Safe to use on surfaces treated with sealants, wax, and ceramic coating.
  • Before treating the surface with a Nasiol nano ceramic coating cleaning the auto body with Cleanion Pro will allow the user to get the most out of the ceramic coating solution.
  • 1/60 min. dilution
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