Foam Pads, Lambs Wool Pad and Velcro Backing Plate

The premium polishing pads are designed to remove minor to severe oxidation, swirls, and scratches on vehicle surfaces. Innovative air channel system, facilitate the evacuation of the heat generated during the polishing process and prevent overheating.

  • Heavy cut, medium cut, fine cut and super fine cut options for foam polishing pads.
  • Prevents overheating with Exclusive Air Channel System.
  • Aggressively structured and very durable polishing pad is made of lambs wool.
  • Easy to use velcro backing plate.
Recommended Usage:

CleaRub 105 – Burgundy or Lambs wool
CleaRub 305 – Orange
CleaRub 505 – Yellow
CleaRub 705 – Blue


Nasiol CleaRub 105
Heavy Cut Compound

Nasiol CleaRub 305
Medium Cut Compound

Nasiol CleaRub 505
Fine Cut Compound

Nasiol CleaRub 705
Super Fine Cut

Universal Precleaner

Nasiol TempoRoad
Temporary Protective Film

New car smell
New Car Scent